Have you ever read something and it spoke to your soul?

Did it suddenly, without warning, make so many things in your life click together like pieces of a puzzle?

My name is Holly, and my faith is finding me. In a very unorthodox but beautiful way, I am discovering a faith that I never knew existed, but was right in front of me my entire life. Hidden in plain sight.

I have found faith in God through the words and teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I will not claim to be an expert, a medium, a reincarnation, a writer, a prophet, or (fill in the blank ). I am none of those.  I am simply a woman who has discovered her own spiritual path. I am not out to convert anyone or to prove a point; this blog is my outlet for the discoveries I make along my way. I do not wish to step on anyone’s toes nor bash anyone’s own faith. If you have something positive or thought provoking to contribute, please comment! I love conversation.

Love and blessings to all!


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