I think I’ve had a hard time writing this blog because I’ve had the fear of coming right out and saying exactly what it is I believe in. I’m not ashamed of what I believe, and I think that now that I know that I’m not alone in what I believe, I have the confidence to come out and say it.  I am a Heretic, and I’m proud of it.

I believe that there is an equal male and female aspect of God.

I believe that the Divine Feminine has been purposefully left out through history, so that various groups of people would gain control of others.

I believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a family.

I believe that Jesus and Mary taught people how to live a life of Love and Peace.

I believe in restoring the balance of masculine and feminine.

I believe in following the Way of Love that Jesus taught us.

I believe in standing up and telling the Truth and not just saying what the world thinks should be said about history.

I think I’ve been afraid of people not liking me for what I believe. No more. If anyone does not like what I have to say here, the simple solution is to not read this blog. I certainly respect others with different beliefs and opinions. But I am simply not afraid anymore to openly discuss what I believe.

Love and Peace to all!