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I believe in God.

My husband is Atheist.

And we make it work – beautifully. Believe it or not, we have never had an argument on the existence of the Divine, although we talk about faith in something and faith in nothing all the time. We discovered the fundamentals of what we believe individually meet somewhere in between. He believes in what he can see and touch, and what science proves with fact. I believe in the existence of an eternal soul, the equality of male and female aspects of the Divine and the power of prayer as taught by Jesus.

Together we believe in the responsibility of humans to respect and care for each other. We believe that we all have a responsiblity to care for our environment and we believe in the responsibility of caring for our children.

We respect each other more for our differences and being true to our beliefs. Neither of us want the other to feel obligated to give up who we are for the sake of the other. We are united by our love for each other and for the love of our daughter. We see our relationship as a way of showing our child through example and  action that two people can be very different and still love and respect each other. It is an opportunity to prove there is always a commonality among people.

I wonder if God is science? If you look at Evolution, the amazing ways that life on Earth has adapted and how powerful all that is, as a believer I see God as the power behind it all. I believe in the awesome creativity of the Divine and I have no doubt that Power is behind it all. My Atheist husband had a very good point in our last discussion: We don’t know. Maybe we will only know after we die, but God or no God, shouldn’t we all live to the fullest of our potential?