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When money is tight, it’s hard to say that “it’s not about the money”, especially when the bills need to be paid and there are extra but necessary things that must be taken care of.  But when you think about it, it really isn’t the currency we need.

It is actually about simply meeting your needs. In the last months, I’ve come to realize what it is like to really live in the simple abundance that God provides. It has taken a lot of Faith and a mountain of Surrender. And it has taken being open to God’s wonderful creativity as well as using the creativity that God has given me.  I have seen my needs being met- every single one of them- without having to come up with a single extra dime to do it.

It has taken using the brain that God gave me. Something as simple as window blinds and  ceiling fans, needed to beat the summer heat and reduce our electricity bill, have been provided. For free. The creative part is realizing that these things didn’t need to be purchased, and a watchful eye on a “free item” recycling board did the trick. And I think God took it a step further in his Divine Creativity by helping me to keep unwanted or unneeded items out of landfills. I am not the only winner in this process!

I think we need to be constantly open to God’s wonderful humor and creativity. Some of the simplest things that God provides in our lives may seem mundane and unimpactful, but if we look closer at the snowball effect that these tiny gifts create, we see that what God provides in the big picture is huge and amazing.

Be open to the Divine Creative Hand in your lives, my friends. Have the eyes to see what God is giving you and the ears to hear His voice!