No one can tell me that God isn’t in the details!
Things have been tight lately. We are making it, but just barely and this month is no exception. But a few weeks ago my daughter and I were in a car accident (thankfully we are not hurt), and the added expense of car repairs has required us to tighten our belts to the last notch. As in, we don’t dare mess up with one dollar.
I have an Etsy shop in which I sell faith-based items. I enjoy creating these items so much- it feels like something that I’m supposed to do. I have been inspired greatly and it is an outlet. This little shop and one person who I have great respect for have made this month not quite as fearful as it started out… a huge order of book marks has given us exactly what we needed to ease through the month.
God has such a sweet sense of humor. The person who placed the order that is saving our rear-ends this month is the same person who brought me back to faith and has served as a source of inspiration.

Gratitude to God and a sweet angel!