I have been so busy with classes this semester. I’m looking forward to having more time available to me that I will be able to focus on developing my faith and spirituality. Catching snippets here and there has left me feeling drained and disconnected from God. Although school is what ultimately will allow me to pursue my Life Mission, it is still  difficult to do much else besides work and care for my family. The coming down-time is much needed.

This summer I will be making some changes that I’m very excited about! I have been a member of a Unitarian Universalist church for the last five or six years and it was the right place to be while I was figuring out what direction I needed to go in. It gave me the confidence to find what was in my heart and to follow it, no matter how different it was from everyone else. However, in July, just after the feast day of Mary Magdalene, I will be joining a Methodist church that I have also been attending as a guest for the last couple of years. It allows a closer focus on Christ that I desire, while still being open enough for my less-than-mainstream beliefs to not get me torched. AND… this summer they are building a full-sized stone Chartres labyrinth! Everything has been so smooth and clear in this direction; I know it is the right choice to make.

The summer months will give me ample time to write as well. I started this blog with very little time to say everything that is in my heart and it has been frustrating to see it sitting here so empty.

Peace to all.